Neandro Ferreira is an exceptional artist and one of the most influential artists in Brazil who transcends borders, whether in London, São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro - he always leaves his mark. A cut made by Neander is instantly recognizable. After all, it's been over 30 years, with an unrivaled reputation for its technique and creativity. Currently, he is considered the most influential Brazilian Hair Designer with a London soul in the country.

With a fixed residence in São Paulo, he gave voice to one of his passions: Education. He inaugurated Academia Neandro, a professional training center with classes and workshops for hairdressers, which teaches all the methodology and techniques of Vidal Sassoon.

At the end of 2021, he continued his educational endeavor with social work in Brasilândia, a neighborhood also in São Paulo. At the same time, he works with audiovisual productions and character creations for television, cinema, theater and music videos, including the recently released song “Sem Filter” by singer Iza.

Neandro creates visionary haircuts using classical techniques. With impeccable execution and, technically, complex, the attention to detail and dexterity of the “hair craftsman” are indispensable to guarantee differentiated results. , with training at the school that formed its base: Vidal Sassoon from London. Neandro frequently travels to Europe with the purpose of observing cultural movements, developing new ideas and contextualizing them in Brazilian daily life.

Hair from personalities such as Letícia Collin and Andréia Horta entered the Neandro scissors hall of fame. Alongside names such as singer Björk, fashion genius Alexander McQueen, Camila Queiroz, Fernanda Torres, Patrícia Pillar, Gabriel Leone, Bruna Lizmeyer, Maria Flor, Bárbara Paz, Cleo Pires, Carla Salles, Maria Gadu, Luiz Fernando Carvalho among other great icons of his generation.
"Visagism allows me to create versatile and, above all, personalized cuts. The hair style is like a fingerprint, it can be similar, but each one has its own."

"A style is not a specific haircut. It's an attitude!

It is a reflection of the individual's own personality and behavior. As a visagist, I work side by side with the person to rescue their personality, enhance their attitude and make them shine."
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