Neandro is an exceptionally talented artist. In the past 25 years he has built an unmatched reputation for creativity and vision and is considered to be the most influential Brazilian hair designer.

He creates unique hair designs, using classic techniques to conceive contemporary looks. His impeccable technique and complex styling demand great focus and craftsmanship - resulting in a bespoke natural look.

Neandro has been inspired by London since the 1980s when he commenced his training at Vidal Sassoon, which formed the basis of his hairstylist education. He travels regularly around Europe, observing cultural movements, and developing new ideas which reflect a uniquely Brazilian sensibility.

Neandro's talent has graced the look of many celebrities such as Björk, fashion genius Alexander McQueen, Camila Queiroz , Andréia Horta , Fernanda Torres , Patricia Pillar , Gabriel Leone , Bruna Lizmeyer , Maria Flor , Barbara Paz, Cleo Pires , Carla Salles ,Maria Gadu , Luiz Fernando Carvalho, and other great icons of our time.
"Knowing what's suitable for the client allows me to create versatile cuts and, above all, to personalise the style. The hair-style is like a fingerprint; they may look like alike, but each is unique."

Neandro Ferreira
Feito por: LOUD